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Mathilda D’Silva
Mathilda D’Silva

11, 18 December 2019

Mathilda D’Silva has been singing in bands and folk acoustic duos since the age of 12, and later grew to love a range of genres from jazz to heavy metal and sappy 80s’ ballads. D’ Silva made her mark in the local entertainment scene as a Singapore Idol finalist during which the nation dubbed her “the Voice”. Whether it is the funky soul of Etta James, the rock howl of Robert Plant or folorn melancholy of Karen Carpenter. D’ Silva conveys a sensitive and powerful vocal quality that never fails to charm.

Carol Gomez
Carol Gomez

12, 19, 20, 27, 28 December 2019

Having grown up within a family of musicians, Carol Gomez developed a natural ability to express each song in her own unique style. Being a sensitive musician, she is devoted and passionate towards her music. Her discipline and dedication shows in the expression of the music she renders. Carol sings a wide range of genres and styles such as Pop and Top40s, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Country music, and her forte include songs from Pink Martini, Rockabilly music, and Vintage music.

Daniela Ruggieri
Daniela Ruggieri

13, 14, 21 December 2019

Daniela Ruggieri studied at the National Academy of Jazz in Sienna before she started her career playing with internationally acclaimed Italian jazz musicians such as Fabrizio Mocata and Giulio Stracciati. Now based in Singapore, Daniela is well known for bringing classic jazz standards to life with creative arrangements, a vibrant and warm tone and phrasing which is always personal and authentic. Her repertoire also includes all-time favourite Bossa Nova and sophisticated Italian songs that she delivers with her mesmerizing stage presence.

Anne Weerapass
Anne Weerapass

26 December 2019

Anne Weerapass brings her pop-singing perfected vocal into the foray of jazz. She possesses that jazzy quality we prize from the eras of Ella Fitzgerald and Sarah Vaughan, with a stimulating sensitivity that is firmly cultivated in the present era. Utterly inspiring and momentarily playful, Anne’s singing also puts one’s mind at ease at once. She presents songs that illustrate the ebbs and flows of love that also showcases her dynamic and versatile vocals, covering genres of jazz, blues, pop and evergreens.

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Let the music take you away.
Join us and discover the Cool Cats way.

Cats Only

Cool Cats emanates both panache and flair in its offerings - a brilliant mix of premium tippling and star-studded live music entertainment.

The White Lady

The White Lady cocktail is a delightful drink with an exceptional blend, a refined mix of Citadelle Original Gin, Fresh Lemon Juice, Crawley's Orgeat and Egg White.

The New Orleans Singapore Revue

6 to 9 June

Watch the charming funk of The New Orleans Singapore Revue, comprising Leon "Kid Chocolate" Brown, David Torkanowsky, Mark Elton, David Blenkhorn and Anthony Howe.

Adam Hall & the Velvet Playboys

13 to 16 June

Enjoy the riveting beats of Adam Hall & the Velvet Playboys, a band formed by trumpeter and composer, Adam Hall.

Janine Annice

20 to 23 June

Singer-songwriter Janine Annice delivered a dynamic fusion of jazz and hip hop, lifting the Cool Cats crowd with her vocal versatility and depth.

Sulene Fleming

4 to 7 July

UK singer-songwriter Sulene Fleming, lead singer of acid jazz group, The Brand New Heavies, enthralled the crowd at Cool Cats.

Todd Hardy and Bill Risby

11 to 14 July

Trumpeter Todd Hardy and pianist Bill Risby delivered a compelling show with their irrepressible brand of charm and chemistry.

George Washingmachine

25 to 28 July

George Washingmachine delighted the audiences with his knuckle-busting feats on a violin, gripping vocals and inventiveness.

Cool Cats Trio (Ft. Stephen Grant)

1 to 4 August

The Cool Cats Trio played a great show with Stephen Grant, with the latter having earned a reputation for being a gifted multi-instrumentalist.

Paulette McWilliams and Nat Adderley Jr.

8 to 11 August

Two prodigious talents Paulette McWilliams and Nat Adderley Jr. graced the Cool Cats stage and showed why they are so highly regarded.

Janine Annice

Watch and find out as Janine Annice shares who is her greatest inspiration.