Shenanigans - Cool Cats


Revisit the top cats who have graced our stage and find out what makes us tick.

Cats Only

Cool Cats emanates both panache and flair in its offerings - a brilliant mix of premium tippling and star-studded live music entertainment.

The White Lady

The White Lady cocktail is a delightful drink with an exceptional blend, a refined mix of Citadelle Original Gin, Fresh Lemon Juice, Crawley's Orgeat and Egg White.

The New Orleans Singapore Revue

6 to 9 June

Watch the charming funk of The New Orleans Singapore Revue, comprising Leon "Kid Chocolate" Brown, David Torkanowsky, Mark Elton, David Blenkhorn and Anthony Howe.

Adam Hall & the Velvet Playboys

13 to 16 June

Enjoy the riveting beats of Adam Hall & the Velvet Playboys, a band formed by trumpeter and composer, Adam Hall.

Janine Annice

20 to 23 June

Singer-songwriter Janine Annice delivered a dynamic fusion of jazz and hip hop, lifting the Cool Cats crowd with her vocal versatility and depth.

Sulene Fleming

4 to 7 July

UK singer-songwriter Sulene Fleming, lead singer of acid jazz group, The Brand New Heavies, enthralled the crowd at Cool Cats.

Todd Hardy and Bill Risby

11 to 14 July

Trumpeter Todd Hardy and pianist Bill Risby delivered a compelling show with their irrepressible brand of charm and chemistry.

George Washingmachine

25 to 28 July

George Washingmachine delighted the audiences with his knuckle-busting feats on a violin, gripping vocals and inventiveness.

Cool Cats Trio (Ft. Stephen Grant)

1 to 4 August

The Cool Cats Trio played a great show with Stephen Grant, with the latter having earned a reputation for being a gifted multi-instrumentalist.

Paulette McWilliams and Nat Adderley Jr.

8 to 11 August

Two prodigious talents Paulette McWilliams and Nat Adderley Jr. graced the Cool Cats stage and showed why they are so highly regarded.

Janine Annice

Watch and find out as Janine Annice shares who is her greatest inspiration.